13 June 2015

music friends, strangers, acquaintances...

i'm looking for people to make/play music with. we can mix our sounds together, or if you just need a bass player, i can do that too. austin texas, or elsewhere. i'd go anywhere in the world for the right situation.

 get in touch if interested, or share it if you know someone who might be. thanks.

 original music -https://missmoonlight.bandcamp.com/

my bass -https://thewarlocks.bandcamp.com/album/the-mirror-explodes

03 March 2015

i am very excited and very relieved to share my new album with you.

from the liner notes..

"I thought that if I moved into the burned forest I might learn something - something about surviving.  Or something about dying and being reborn.  Something about rising out of the ashes of the past like a phoenix on a mission.

I did.

This album was recorded in my tent in Bastrop State Park, Texas, in January 2015.

Thank you to the people who believed in me.
Thank you to the trees who refused to fall."

Jana Suzanne Risher
March 3, 2015